Elizabeth Vornbrock

I am a communicator, a collector of knowledge, an obsessive designer, a teacher, a volunteer, a creator. I have a hunger for complex problem solving, especially the multiple considerations and challenges that come with package design and interactive media. I enjoy working with my hands and dabbling in illustration and hand lettering.

Since entering the design community, I have been driven by three things: inspiring others’ interest in technology and design, helping graphic design students/novices in pursuing their dreams, and educating and connecting these talented individuals in our community. I have dedicated my time to each of these pursuits by teaching for the GD|MA program with SCC, previously volunteering for AIGA Nebraska, and advising the AIGA SCC Student Group.

I love to run, read, cook, bake, sleep, workout, eat, knit, and crochet. I also enjoy watching the same movies over and over again (HP, Hobbit, LOTR). Oh yeah, I love candy.

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